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First introduced to NZ in 1969 the Breed’s role in cross breeding for beef herd improvement is now firmly established with studs nation-wide supplying bulls for this purpose.

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All bull sale results for the current year are available here. We also archive all previous year's results.

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🎅🏼🎅🏼🍻🎄🎄Well who can relate to this😂😂😂.
Merry Christmas everyone 🎄🎄🍻🎅🏼🎅🏼🤣🐮 #fridayfunny
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Update.**Update - the creation of a receiving movement for an unregistered tag will cause that tag to be autoregistered... potentially triggering a fine. This is regardless of where the animal is sent.**

Unregistered NAIT tags that are part of a NAIT stock movement will now cop a $150 fine per animal, and this will soon increase to $400!!

Read on for more info....

MPI is taking a hard line and fining those PICA (Person in Charge of Animals) $150 per animal for any “auto registration” of an animal into NAIT.

“Auto registration” occurs when a NAIT tagged animal that is not registered in the NAIT database is moved and scanned for the first time (usually at the sale yards or meat processors). This animal is then registered by NAIT and flagged as an “Auto registered” animal. From now one this information will be used to generate fines.

For the time being MPI is limiting the number of infringements at one time per PICA to Five, currently totalling $750 max. But when the amendments to the NAIT legislation are passed these infringements will increase to $400 per animal.

What to do?
We all need to ensure that soon after an animal is tagged with an IED this number is allocated to the animal in the NAIT system. This can be done either via a computer or over the phone and must be done either within 48 hours or before the animal moves from the property, whichever is first. Learn more here about your responsibilities as a PICA

Key points to remember

• An animal going directly to slaughter – Must be tagged, then registered in the NAIT system.

• An animal that has lost its original tag – Must be re-tagged, then registered in the NAIT system (unless it is unsafe to tag)

•If you know the original(lost) tag number you need to use the “replacement tag” provision and it will be registered to connect to the animal’s previous number.

•If you don’t know the original(lost) tag number then you will need to register the animal.
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2 months ago

South Devon Cattle Society of New Zealand inc.

South Devon leading the way. ... See MoreSee Less

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Huge congratulations Julia and StewartAn amazing second day here at NZAG show!!
Java Tonka Nikita continued her winning streak by winning the junior meat and wool cup this morning!!
She followed this up with winning the All Breeds Heifer class!!
Full report to follow 😉
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Super happy with Burtergill Bentley this morning. He was awarded the Meat and Wool Cup (Supreme Beef Exhibit) and then he won the Supreme All Breed award after winning the All Breed Senior Bull ... See MoreSee Less

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Congratulations everyone exhibiting ... See MoreSee Less

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2 months ago

South Devon Cattle Society of New Zealand inc.

Good luck to all South Devon exhibitors at the New Zealand Show, Christchurch ... See MoreSee Less

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